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How to Play Pool Volleyball

By Contributor

How to Play Pool Volleyball. Pool volleyball is a great way to stay cool while getting a workout, whether you are outside during the summer months or at an indoor pool during winter. While there are no official pool volleyball rules, there are a number of loose guidelines most players follow.

Play Pool Volleyball

Step 1

Make the rules up as you go if it's your pool. Tradition holds that the house owner can make, break and alter the rules of pool volleyball, provided that such alterations take place before the game gets underway.

Step 2

Agree on boundaries of the court before you begin the game. For instance, you might declare a ball that touches the pool deck to be automatically out of bounds, or you might allow it as long as it bounces back into the water. You can define the boundaries with rope to make things easier.

Step 3

Change sides after each round of play to keep things interesting and fair for all players. Being stuck in the deep end round after round presents a real disadvantage!

Step 4

Divide into two even teams. If you have more than two players per side, create a front row and a back row of players on either side of the net.

Step 5

Flip a coin to determine which team serves first. The server should stand just behind the back row on the far right.

Step 6

Serve overhand by tossing the volleyball into the air just over your head. When the ball is in the air, use your dominant hand to strike it, sending it over the net.

Step 7

Allow each team a maximum of three contact points before sending the ball back to the other side of the net. No individual player can contact the ball two or more times in succession.

Step 8

Score one point if the other team fails to bump the ball over the net, hits it out of bounds, hits it more than three times before sending it over or if one player hits it twice or more in a row.

Step 9

Know that if a team scores a point, they get the next serve. Before serving, have each player rotate positions clockwise, with the player on the right end of the front row moving into the server's position.

Step 10

Reach 25 points first to score your big pool volleyball victory. A team must win by 2 points. If the score is 25 to 24, keep on playing. You can play to 16 points if you want to make the game shorter.

Choose Proper Equipment for Your Pool Volleyball Match

Step 1

Opt for a rubber volleyball rather than a leather one for pool play. Leather tends to crack when exposed to water and may become too drenched to lob over the net once in play.

Step 2

Purchase a sturdy net with good poles designed specifically for pool volleyball matches. Invest in in-ground poolside pole installation if you plan to play frequently.

Step 3

Choose an oversized, colorful rubber ball designed specifically for pool volleyball if you have children or unskilled players involved in your game. Pool volleyball is more about the fun than heated competition. A conspicuous target works well for players of all ages and experience levels.

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