How to Play Muggle Quidditch

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Quidditch was originally a fictional sport made popular by author J. K. Rowling in her Harry Potter book series. Muggle Quidditch is different from Wizard Quidditch because there is no magic or flying broomstick involved and the game is played by non-magic people, known as muggles, instead of wizards. Read on to learn how.

The Players

Gather 14 players to make 2 teams of 7. Each team has 2 Snitchers who control the snitch in addition to their 7 players.

Choose three "chasers" for each team who will be the only ones allowed to shoot the quaffle (which can be a volleyball, basketball, dodge ball or a beanbag) into one of the three hoops on their opponents side to score. Chasers have no physical contact with one another except to tag the chasers from the other team. Once tagged, the chaser with the quaffle must drop it.

Choose two "beaters" for each team who stand on each corner of the pitch and throw the two "bludgers" (foam balls) at the opposing team from their corner (or they may serve them with tennis rackets). Beaters must remain in their corners unless they are retrieving a bludger. If a chaser is hit by a bludger, he must drop the quaffle if he has it in his possession and freeze for five seconds; if a beater is hit by the opposing team's bludger he must throw his bludger over his shoulder and freeze for ten seconds.

Choose a "keeper" for each team who blocks the attempted goals made by the chasers with his hands only. He cannot step out of the small semi-circle marked around the goal and may catch the quaffle to throw it to one of his fellow teammates. If a keeper is hit with a bludger, he must freeze for 3 seconds.

Choose a "seeker" for each team who will try to catch the golden snitch (a ping pong ball) in a pointed hat and win the game for their team. The golden snitch is not put into play until fifteen minutes into the game. If a seeker is hit by a bludger he must freeze for five seconds.

Choose four snitchers who are neutral and not on either team to stand at the sides of the pitch. They throw the snitch over the field from side to side and the seekers try to catch it. They may throw it any time they like; the ball doesn't continuously have to be in play.

The Game

Shoot the quaffle through one of the three opposing team's hoops to collect ten points for the team.

Lose five points for the team if a player breaks a rule.

End the game and collect 150 points for the seeker's team who catches the snitch.

Win the game by having the most points at game's end.

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