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How to Play Golf Alone

By Contributor

Although golf is enjoyable if played in a group, it is a game that can be equally fun if played alone. Playing by yourself allows for a quicker game that can help you improve your skills without worrying about an audience. Read on to learn how to play golf alone.

Pick a longer course. If you are playing golf alone, opt for a golf course that has 18 holes or more. A nine-hole golf course is a better option for groups of golfers.

Use a golf course that has a high par. For an 18-hole golf course, you want a course that offers a par of at least 70.

Choose an earlier tee time. Beat the crowds by teeing off by yourself at the first tee time offered by the golf course.

Look for ways to reduce your time walking the course. If you are playing alone, you may not wish to travel over the course by yourself. Hire a caddy to carry your bags or rent a golf cart to get across far distances.

Try out different clubs and swings. When you play alone, it is a good time to experiment with different golf clubs and swinging techniques. You may find a combination that works better than your traditional methods.

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