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How to Play Basketball Tip-In

By Contributor

Improve your rebounding, free throw shooting and jump shot skills with a fast-paced game of tip-in.

Establish a set order of player rotation that never alters during the game.

Allow the first person to shoot a free throw to start the game. This is called "breaking the ice." The first successful free throw of the game counts as two points no matter who makes it. All subsequent free throws are worth one point.

Let the second player rebound the ball and shoot it if the first player misses the free throw. The ball can't bounce more than once before being retrieved and shot. If the ball bounces more than once and the player doesn't get it, the player's turn is forfeited. The next player in the rotation steps out to the three-point line and shoots to restart the game. The three-point shot is only worth two points.

Make sure you jump every time before you handle the ball. Unless you're shooting the free throw, you're never allowed to touch the ball while your feet are on the ground.

Play continues in this manner, rotating in the set order until a player makes a basket. Any shot made during this part of the game counts as two points.

Shoot free throws after making a basket. Each free throw is worth one point.

Continue to shoot free throws until you miss one. There's no set limit to how many in a row you can make.

Play continues after a missed free throw in the same manner as before.

End the game whenever a player gets exactly 30 points. If a player goes over 30 points, the player's score automatically drops to 19 points.

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