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How to Play Basketball Like Larry Bird

By Contributor

Larry Bird was nowhere near the most athletic, strongest or fastest player in the NBA, but he was one of the most productive players of all time. Because his skills weren't flashy, being able to play basketball like Larry Bird seems almost attainable.

Practice constantly. Larry Bird practiced hours a day. He frequently would shoot in the Boston Garden before or after games alone in the dark. He was dedicated to getting better and being the best he could be. If you want to play basketball like Larry Bird, you must put in the time on the court.

Shoot the lights out from anywhere. Larry Bird was a deadly shooter and his range extended well beyond the 3-point line. The constant threat of his jumper allowed him to drive past quicker defenders.

Have amazing court sense. To play basketball like Larry Bird, you must know where everyone on the court is at all times. He was a tremendous passer and had the timing and court sense of the best point guards. He was unselfish, and he would not hesitate to pass the ball to an open teammate. Court sense is something that can be developed. You can learn passing lanes and passing techniques, but it takes something special to pass like Larry Bird. He could also read rebounds and determine where they would come off the rim, which gave him a great advantage.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Possess a supreme confidence in yourself. Larry Bird was a trash talker who would have bet on himself any chance he could. He would brag to opposing benches that he was about to score 40 points against them, and he once even predicted that he would average over 40 points a game on a road trip while shooting exclusively left-handed. He believed he was the best and was not afraid to say it to anyone.

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