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How to Play Basketball Knockout

By Contributor

Sharpen your free-throw accuracy under pressure with a quick game of knockout.

Choose a set order for all the people participating. Once the order is designated, it only changes when someone is knocked out.

Line up single file, in order, with the first person at the free-throw line.

Give basketballs to the first two players in line.

Allow the first person to shoot. If the shot is made, the player tosses the ball to the third player in line. If the shot is missed, the player must immediately try to rebound and score before the following player shoots a free throw or the player is knocked out of the game.

Understand that if the second player also misses, that player must try to rebound and score before the first player rebounds, scores and quickly passes the ball to the third player waiting at the free-throw line, or the second player risks being knocked out.

Note that play stops momentarily when a player is knocked out, and basketballs are again given to the next two players in line.

Continue playing until one player remains.

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