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How to Pick a Professional Wrestling Name

By Contributor

Are you obsessed with pro wrestling? Are you thinking about a career in your favorite television sport? Maybe you just want to know what pro wrestler name is best suited to you. Before trying out your wrestling moves, you'll need the perfect name. Follow these instructions to discover four options for a new pro alias.

Using the third letter of your last name, scan a dictionary for the perfect first name of your pro-wrestling alias. For example, if the third letter of your last name is D, maybe your first name could be Derringer, like the gun.

Determine the last name of your pro-wrestler alias by using the second letter of your first name. For your last name it is best to use the noun derivative of a verb, for example if your letter is A, choose something like the Abolisher instead of Abolish. However, depending on your first name choice a noun could also work. For example if your letter is S and your first name is Derringer, you could be Derringer Steel.

Review your pro-wrestling name and make sure that you like it and that it isn't already taken by another pro-wrestler. You want your name to be as unique as possible. If your first selection doesn't work for you, try the dictionary again.

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