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How to Perfect a Golf Swing

By braniac

The perfect swing is your "natural" athletic swing. Such as the swing by Fred Couples. Here are some tips on improving your Golf Swing.

A golf swing is considered "natural" or "mechanical." The natural swing is a swing that results in a consistent shot pattern. If your ball tends to drift from left to right, it's a Fade swing. If the pattern is from right to left, it's a Draw swing. The mechanical swing is one built from multiple adjustments and is the most inconsistent.

The perfect swing is a swing that produces a consistent ball flight. Ideally you want to be able to control whatever swing you have and play to your swing strengths. Here are some tips to improve on your natural ability and to "Perfect" your swing.

It's best that you work on these drills at a golf range or on a golf simulator. Your local golf pro shop should be able to assist you at identifying your natural swing pattern.

Start by marking your alignment and feet position on the mat using duck tape. Working from a marked golf mat will give you a consistent "lie" where you can better identify your corrections. Marking your alignment with tape also helps in setting a consistent "lie."

Now, using the 5 iron, hit 10 balls with your normal grip and swing. Make note of the pattern consistency of each ball. Indicate if the ball is Fading vs. Slicing or Drawing vs. Hooking. Once you've found your natural ball flight, now begin to perfect it. Make adjustments to the following areas, and then review your results by hitting another 10 balls.

First - Adjust your grip by strengthening it. Do this by turning your left hand slightly to the right, or more over the top of the club. This will produce a more closed face. The grip is all-important. It controls the height, length, and direction of your shots. Hit 5 balls and note the results.

Second - Adjust your address position. Do this by moving closer to the ball. Also adjust your weight onto the inside of feet and bend from the top of your legs. Again, hit 5 balls and note the results.

Third - Adjust the ball placement. If you play the ball forward (off left heal) then move it back about 2-3 inches. Play the ball more towards the center of your stance. Hit 5 more balls and note the results.

At this point you should now start to see the adjustments. If after making the adjustment the flight worsens, then return to the original position, and proceed to the next step. The goal here is to find where you can make simple adjustments to perfect your golf swing. In some cases, your grip, address and ball are in the best placement for your swing and it may be something elsewhere.

Visit your local pro shop and get assistance using the swing analyzer. The pro shop equipment will clearly identify your natural swing and faults if any. It may simply be nothing wrong and the clubs or ball you are using may not be suited for your natural swing.

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