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Pepsi Center Rules

By Jodi Thornton O'Connell

Home to the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Mammoth, the Pepsi Center in Denver provides year-round sports excitement within its walls. You'll also find music concerts and special events such as Monster truck jams and Disney on Ice. While some rules may vary from event to event, the venue has a set of guidelines that remain consistent for all activities.

Planning Your Visit

You'll need to buy a ticket for each person in your party who is older than 2 years old when going to a Nuggets, Mammoth or Avalanche game. Two-year-olds and infants may enter free, providing they sit on an adult's lap at the game. Some special events and concerts require 2-year-olds to have their own tickets. You can bring a stroller and store it under your seat, or leave it at one of the portals outside the seating entrances. Should you find yourself with an extra ticket, don't attempt to sell it on the Pepsi Center property. You may find yourself ejected from the property, with your tickets confiscated and facing prosecution.

Tailgate Parties

While you can hold a tailgate party at the Pepsi Center's Toyota parking areas, you'll need to follow stringent rules. Parking spaces aren't assigned, and you can't save spaces for other members of your party. You'll have to limit your tailgate party to the number of spaces you actually bought tickets for. If you're planning on firing up the "barbie," make sure you bring a propane grill with a tank less than 20 pounds. Charcoal and log fires aren't allowed in the parking areas. Drinking beer or other alcohol in the parking areas is also a no-no.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Avoid the long walk back to the car to stow items not allowed inside the Pepsi Center by bringing as little as possible. Large purses, backpacks or other satchels are best left behind. If you need diapers and other supplies for your infant or toddler, bring just what you expect to need in a small bag or grocery sack. Leave outside food, water and beverages behind, but feel free to bring in an empty water bottle without a lid if you care to fill up at the water fountains. You can bring a point-and-shoot camera with a lens less than 3 inches long, but leave video cameras and professional camera equipment at home. Finally, make sure your wardrobe doesn't have potentially offensive sayings and that you don't carry pens, pocket knives or anything that could become a weapon.

Video of the Day

Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

Guest Etiquette

Wait at the top of the aisle or bottom of the stairs until play stops before proceeding to your seat during a lacrosse or hockey game, or you might get ejected. Ejected guests don't get a refund, and you could get banned from league events for up to a year for some infractions. Fighting, using offensive gestures, throwing things and verbally harassing players or fans will get you thrown out of the event. Fans may report inappropriate behavior to Pepsi Center Staff by texting 69050. Include the subject line "FANSOS" along with the seat location and description of the behavior.

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