How to Paint a Rodeo Clown Face

By Nicholas Briano

A rodeo clown protects a bull rider that has fallen to the ground during a rodeo. The role of the rodeo clown is to distract the bull until the rider recovers from the fall and is capable of leaving the bull-riding ring. Often rodeo clowns wear over-sized and outlandish cowboys costumes and paint their faces like a clown. Creativity is the key in creating a colorful and even amusing rodeo clown face.

Step 1

Purchase face paint from a party or costume store. Often kits can be found that contain several different colors in one package. If buying the colors separately, be sure to definitely get white and red and then any other additional colors you choose to use. Traditionally rodeo clowns, at minimum, have white faces with big red lips.

Step 2

Clean your face with soap and dry it thoroughly. It's best to apply the makeup without the natural oils of your skin interfering with the application of the paint.

Step 3

Apply the white face paint to every part of your face. Allow a few minutes for it to set in. Take the red paint and cover your lips, making a big smile with the red paint around the edges of your mouth, much like a clown you would see in a circus.

Step 4

Apply any color face paint you choose on your eyebrows. Be creative and make the eyebrows exaggerated in nature. Take red or any other paint and apply small circles on both cheeks. Wear an optional clown wig with an over-sized clown nose both of which can be purchased at a party or costume store.

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