How to Paint Logos on Grass

By Russell Wood

If you're at a football or baseball game, you might notice a logo painted on the grass to support the home team. You can do the same thing at your local field, or just in your backyard, by painting your own logo. It seems really complicated to do, but with a few special tools and some creativity, you can have a logo painted in just a few hours.

Lay out your tarp on a piece of concrete or other hard surface. Sketch out your logo on the tarp using the permanent marker.

Cut out the logo from the tarp, using the utility knife, to make a stencil template. Take the tarp outside and place it on your field, then position it wherever you want the logo. Use local rocks to hold down the tarp if it's breezy or windy.

Pour the field marking paint into the weed sprayer. Shake the sprayer to mix up the paint, then pump up the handle to create pressure in the container.

Hold the wand of the weed sprayer over the holes in the tarp. Pull the trigger and apply even coats of paint over the tarp and through the holes onto the grass to create your logo. Apply a thin coat at first to create a base on the grass, then allow it to dry. Apply a second or third coat with the weed sprayer once the first dries, then remove the template to admire your work.

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