Packer License Plate Ideas

By Michael E Carpenter

Packer fans are among the best in professional sports. Green Bay is the smallest market of all major professional sports teams based on city population size. Even though the community may be small, their fan base is mighty and the history of the team -- and its most loyal -- is deep. The following plates are based on the seven-character limit as dictated by the state of Wisconsin. If you are outside Wisconsin, you have a better chance at securing some of these license plate designations.

Dates in Packer History

The Green Bay Packers have a deep history in the NFL. Here are some important dates in the franchise history that can be used on plates:

011567 -- The date of Superbowl I, which the Packers won 35-10 over the Chiefs.

011468 -- The date of the Superbowl II victory over the Oakland Raiders, 33-14.

012697 -- The date they won Superbowl XXI over the New England Patriots, 35-21.

Some other important numbers for the Packers:

IIIXXI -- These comprise the Roman numerals representing the three Superbowl-winning teams: I, II and XXI.

12XCHMP -- 12-time champs. The Green Bay Packers have a victory total of 12 championships in the team's history, some before the first Superbowl.

Packers and Cheeseheads

Here are some license plates that I'm sure are already in use in Wisconsin:

PCKRBKR -- Packer Backer

PCKATTK -- Pack Attack

FRZNTUN -- The Green Bay Packers' home stadium is named Lambeau Field. A common nickname of the field is the Frozen Tundra.

LMBOLEP -- Lambo (Lambeau) Leap. Green Bay Packer players will jump into the crowd after scoring a touchdown when playing at home. This has been coined the Lambo Leap.

PCKRGRL -- We can't forget that the ladies love the Packers too.


Green Bay Packer fans are commonly referred to as Cheeseheads because Wisconsin is famous for their cheeses. Fans will wear triangles of cheese on their heads during games. Therefore:




Player/Coach References

LOMBARDI -- Vince Lombardi was the legendary coach that led the Packers to the Superbowl victories in 1967 and 1968.

VL1971 -- Vince Lombardi was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971.


RN2DALT- A famous Lombardi quote is "Run to Daylight."

HOLMGRN -- Mike Holmgren led the Packers to their last Superbowl victory in 1997. He is still treated like royalty in Green Bay.

BSTARR -- The original superstar quarterback (QB) for the Packers when they won Superbowl I and II was Bart Starr.

REGEWHT -- There are very few Packer fans who will forget the contributions Reggie White made to the Packers while he played for the team. He helped them reach the Superbowl.

Maybe he doesn't know when to quit but there are few Packers who have the same resonance with the city as one-time quarterback Brett Favre:


FARVH8R -- Favre Hater. There are plenty of those Packer fans who can't stand the sight of their former signal caller leading the archrival Vikings.

4H8R -- Favre wore number 4 for the Packers.

MISN4 -- And yet, there are those in Green Bay who still love Brett Favre.

Current Players make great license plates too:

LOVN12 -- Reference to Aaron Rodgers, current QB for the Packers.

12 2 85TD -- This would be a pass from Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings (No. 85) for a touchdown.

52SACKS -- References Clay Matthews, current linebacker for the Packers and the times he has tackled ("sacked") an opposition quarterback.

CMIII -- Clay Matthews is a third-generation NFL football player.


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