How to Organize a Concession Stand

By Lanae Carr

Concession stands are popular features at sporting events and theaters, where guests need quick access to food and beverages so they can return to their seats without missing much of the game or show. Food, beverages and souvenirs are organized behind the stand to accommodate fast retrieval. There are often multiple cashiers present behind concession stands, and merchandising should be planned so each cashier can grab items without interfering with one another.

Measure the space available in the concession stand area. Determine what equipment will fit. You will need a commercial grade beverage cooler to keep drinks cool throughout the event and access to a power source. Map where each piece of equipment will be placed on a layout chart, including your source of power.

Set up your beverage cooler on a table surface so it will be in the center of the concession stand workers. Locate an extension cord so that your cooler has easy access to power.

Create an inventory list of the snacks and souvenir items you will serve and designate a small cardboard box to display each item. Common souvenirs at concession stands include cups or mug warmers. Determine whether these items can be hung from the ceiling or concession stand window so they don't take up important surface space.

Hire employees or recruit volunteers to work in your concession stand based on the number of patrons expected and available space. Assign each employee/volunteer to a cash register or cash box. Add $20 in change for each box for workers to start out with.

Post a large price list outside of your concession stand window so that customers are ready to order when they approach the window.


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