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The Best One Piece of Exercise Equipment for Home Use

By Marlin Williams

What is the best home exercise equipment? That answer varies from person to person. Asking the right questions is your guide to getting the best equipment. Do you want an aerobic workout vs. a lifting workout? Do you want a strengthening workout vs. an aerobic workout? Do you want to mix aerobics with strength training? What is your space capacity? What can you afford?


After establishing the type of equipment you need, the next step is getting the best equipment within your budget. There can be a vast difference in prices and quality. The initial expense of higher quality equipment is its upfront costs, but in the long run you save money and headaches. The quality of craftsmanship is not found in low-price models. Find a local dealer and test the equipment. Whether you are a novice or pro at working out, you will notice the difference in quality and performance.

Floor space

If you are looking for a room saver, most pin-select and cable equipment might be your answer. Once assembled, it is a single unit, and you can do an overall body workout without sacrificing a lot of square footage. Add a piece of aerobic equipment with it, and you have a complete ensemble.

Types of equipment

Free weights are better for developing stabilizing muscles. Calibrated barbells and dumbbells take up floor space. Interchangeable weights need to be constantly broken down to adjust the weight for the next exercise. Then there are weights that you simply dial in the weight and the adjustments are already made for you. These are a real time saver and make for a smoother workout. Of course, these are more expensive.

You can begin with this alternative: a stability ball, a mat, a set of adjustable dumbbells and a jump rope. These are low-cost and very effective. Add a few instructional DVDs. You can find a great selection on yoga, Pilates and aerobics, and the only equipment you need is your body. Add one or more of these to your program, and you have an overall fitness routine that works at a very affordable price. From there, move up.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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