How to Do an Ollie on a Skateboard

By Heather Potter

When Alan "Ollie" Gelfand debuted his new trick in 1977, he changed skateboarding forever. Gelfand performed the first no-handed air on vertical surfaces at skate parks and pools. Other skateboarders created new tricks based on the Ollie, and Rodney Mullen popularized using the trick on flat terrain. Today, it is considered a fundamental move for all skateboarders. Like so many skateboarding tricks, it seems gravity defying, but with practice and proper technique, most skaters can master the move.

How to Do the Ollie on a Skateboard

Step 1

Push off with your rear foot to get momentum. Place your front foot near the front bolts of the board and your rear foot at the tail's tip.

Step 2

Bend your knees and push down with your back foot on the tail of the board until it is almost vertical.

Step 3

With both feet on the board, jump up, and bring your knees towards your chest. At the same time, lift your arms out to your sides above shoulder height.

Step 4

Move your front foot to the nose of the board, until the board is parallel with the ground.

Step 5

Keep your knees bent to absorb the landing.

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