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Official Hole in One Rules

By Contributing Writer

Golf can be a very complicated game, but it is mostly about hand and eye coordination. Let's face it, hitting a tiny ball with a big stick sounds challenging enough, but to make a Hole-In-One seems impossible. If you are a lucky golfer who does hit the impossible shot, there are few rules that you must follow in order for it to recognized as legitimate.

Potential for a Hole in One

The odds on most golfers to hit a hole in one in their lifetime is astronomical. Even seasoned professionals rarely do it in any given tournament, much less practice rounds.

A beginner golfer would be far less likely to hit a hole-in-one than a seasoned professional. Most hole in ones occur on Par 3 holes. A typical golf course will have four par-3 holes, two on each nine.

Rule Considerations

Golf rules specifically states that a person must hit their first shot from a standard or "recognized" tee box. The rules also require that you hit the ball from the normal tee or a club-modified tee that is recognized by the United States Golf Association and you must play a minimum of nine holes in order for the hole-in-one to qualify.

Club Usage

There is no real rule for which club you can use to attempt to make a hole-in-one, but you can only hit the ball once and it must, by whatever means it occurs, land in the hole on one stroke of the club. If you hit a shot and it bounces on the green and hits another ball on the green and goes in the cup, it is still considered a hole-in-one. If your ball hits the cart path, and ricochets to the green and goes in, it still counts.

Match Play Considerations

Remember the rules state you must play a minimum of nine holes, but there are also exceptions to those rules. For example, if you are playing either a match play event or stroke play event, sometimes you may not get to play an entire nine holes because the match was already decided early. However, if you made a hole-in-one during play, it will still be recognized, even though you didn't finish nine holes.

Witness to the Event

Your hole-in-one must be witnessed by at least one other person in order for it to be validated. Playing alone will guarantee your grand feat will not be recognized by the course.

In order for your shot to count, someone of reasonable age must bear witness to the shot itself. It would help if you state the facts about your shot, i.e., Hole 16, 191 yard par 3, used an 8 iron to make the shot. The USGA usually post the rules about what person can be qualified as acceptable.

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