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Ninjitsu Stealth Techniques

By Simon Breedon

It doesn't happen often, but every now and then rebel Ninjas may storm your house with the intention of kidnapping you and selling you to the highest bidder. Be prepared when this happens and catch the rebels off guard by using surprise stealth Ninjitsu tactics.

The core and most important aspect of Ninjitsu stealth is the balance stealth L stance; It is from this stance that all of the other moves stem. To perform this stance you must keep your head level to maintain equilibrium, slightly bend your knees and keep them shoulder length apart with your lead leg facing your opponent and back leg off to the side about a foot. When shifting your lead leg between your left and right, agile stealth and versatility come from keeping your head level.

To perform a proper Ninjitsu stealth walk you must walk on the edges of your feet. By walking on the blades, or sides, of your feet less of your feet touch the ground and spread less noise. It is a technique that requires much practice, but if done correctly it will cause a silent, stealthy effect.

To perform a Ninja roll or flip, you must first develop upper body strength by practicing handstands. Once you have developed this ability, you can then graduate from handstands to rolling on your back to your balanced Ninjitsu stance. Finally, to master the basics of Ninjitsu stealth rolling, work on doing cartwheels and finishing in the balanced Ninjitsu stance.

A key part of stealth is imperceptibility, and in Ninjitsu attacks this skill is best achieved through quickness. One example can be seen in the art of a fast punch. The Ninjitsu fast punch is considered to be a single attack when in fact it is two--a sort of jab is done with the back hand of one fist while a strong follow-though is delivered with the other. The idea is to have the follow- through punch assist the initial jab; the effect this creates is one of a phantom punch that is virtually imperceptible and practically undefendable.

Master the steps above through concientious practice. Muscle has its own memory; when you practice certain motions consistently the actions can become instinctive and assist you in a dangerous situation.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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