Nike Ignite Irons Degrees

By Scott Levin

Nike began manufacturing golf products in 1986. The company has gained a reputation for producing quality clubs, and the Nike Ignite irons were no exception. The irons offered golfers a deep cavity, wide sole and perimeter weighting to provide maximum stability and forgiveness. The clubs featured varying degrees in the loft (angle between the club face and the shaft) and lie angle (angle between the sole and the club face).


The Nike Ignite iron set came with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The pitching wedge featured a loft of 46 degrees and a lie angle of 64.5 degrees. The sand wedge had a loft of 54 degrees and a lie angle of 65 degrees.

Short Irons

The Nike Ignite 9-iron offered a loft of 42 degrees and a lie angle of 64 degrees. A loft of 38 degrees and a lie angle of 63.5 degrees came standard on the Ignite 8-iron.

Medium Irons

The Ignite's 7-iron featured a loft of 34 degrees and a lie angle of 63 degrees. On the 6- iron, the angles measured 30 degrees for the loft and 62.5 degrees for the lie. The Ignite 5-iron came equipped with a loft of 26 degrees and a lie angle of 61.5 degrees.

Longer Irons

The 4-iron in the Nike Ignite iron set had a loft of 23 degrees and a lie angle of 60.5 degrees. For the Ignite 3-iron, Nike elected to drop the traditional flat iron and replace it with a modern hybrid with a larger club head. The 3-iron hybrid featured a loft of 20 degrees and a lie angle of 59.5 degrees.

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