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How to Get NFL Sunday Ticket

By braniac

When NFL football's regular season begins, there's nothing better than seeing your favorite football team in action. But, if you don't live in or near your favorite team's home base, catching a glimpse of them is next to impossible. NFL Sunday Ticket is the next best thing to being in the stadium--and costs one-fourth the price of a season ticket. And, it's easy to order. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to a front-row seat for game time.

Order DIRECTV. To sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket, you must register for DIRECTV satellite service. They are the exclusive carrier of the NFL Sunday Ticket package. You can do this online or via telephone.

You must provide the DIRECTV representative with your social security number, a valid home or business address and phone number (where you want service) and a valid credit card number. They will run a credit check to make sure your credit is in good standing.

Discuss any NFL Sunday Ticket promotions or special deals with the DIRECTV customer service representative. Around football season, DIRECTV has been known to offer a premium service package free for a period of time when first-time users sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket. Additionally, some promotional packages offer free installation and a free HD or regular receiver.

Know what you are getting. The NFL Sunday Ticket package costs $270 and features approximately 14 NFL games on Sundays during NFL regular season. Preseason games, Monday Night Football games on ESPN, Sunday Night Football games on NBC and some Thursday night games are not aired. Additionally, if a local FOX or CBS affiliate in your area is showing a football game, it will not be shown via the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Educate yourself on additional, complimentary enhancements associated with NFL Sunday Ticket. The package also features a "player tracker" that allows you to select up to 18 players and track their performance for the season (great for Fantasy Football players). You also get round-the-clock information on any team, highlights from all games automatically downloaded and stored in your DVR and games' scores and stats on your TV screen.

Ask about HD. If you have a television with high definition, you can order the HD receiver or HD receiver/DVR through DIRECTV. Or, you can purchase a receiver online or at an electronics store in your area.

Inquire about the "Super Fan" add-on. For an additional $99, you can watch most football games in HD, watch eight games simultaneously on one screen and get game highlights sent to your phone.

Ask about payment. DIRECTV can separate your payment into four or five installments, as well as deduct payments automatically from your banking account.

Schedule satellite and receiver installation service for your home or business. Appointments are pretty easy to get quickly, so a one-day turnaround is quite possible. Your appointment is schedule within a four-hour window. Installation takes about a half hour.

Once your DIRECTV is set up, get familiar with your package. The NFL Sunday Ticket channels are in the 700s. If you do not see anything on these channels, do not be alarmed. The package does not begin until the NFL regular season starts.

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