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Nerve Damage Therapy

By Chad Buleen

Even though nerve damage can be painful and difficult to overcome, there are things that can be done to give you improved health and relieve some of the pain suffered from your condition. The exercises that are done as part of nerve damage therapy need to focus on various parts of the body.


Those people who have nerve damage in the legs or feet are limited in the kinds of therapy they can do. It is important for those who have these kinds of problems to be able to do exercises that will not put too much stress on the legs and feet, as this can lead to ulcers. Swimming and cycling are a couple of exercises that can be done as part of nerve damage therapy that allow the body to be active and facilitate the strengthening of the nervous system. These exercises are advantageous because they do not cause the kind of repetitive pounding on legs and feet that could prove to be damaging to a person who has nerve damage.


The kinds of therapy a person can do if he has nerve damage that affects his heart is limited as well. However, this does not mean that there are not some kinds of therapy that can be done. It should be remembered that exercise done as part of therapy that is too strenuous can increase the probability of a heart attack and could cause drops and spikes in blood pressure. Although a doctor who is more aware of individual situations can do better at determining the exact therapy for a person who has nerve damage that affects his heart, in general, light exercises that do not involve stressful activity are good. For example, exercises, such as light walking, aerobics in the pool and golfing, are all types of activities that could be done as parts of therapy.

Body Temperature

A person who is involved in therapy for nerve damage should do activities that will allow him to regulate his body temperature. If you have autonomic nerve damage, your body is not able to properly regulate your temperature. In order to combat this, a person involved in exercises for nerve damage therapy must do things to help control body heat. For example, one of the most important things that you can do is exercise at times of the day that are not too warm or too cold. A spring evening would be the optimal temperature in which you should exercise. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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