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How to Negotiate a Deal for NFL Sunday Ticket

By Aaron Reynolds

DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket is advertised as "every football fan's dream." NFL Sunday Ticket offers every single NFL game, every Sunday. That type of selection has made NFL Sunday Ticket highly coveted, but incredibly expensive at $200. You, however, may be able to swing a deal with DirectTV if you play your cards right.

Do not order online. Instead, call up DirectTV and mention your interest in NFL Sunday Ticket. Tell the sales repersenative that you really love football and you think NFL Sunday Ticket is a great option, but you do not see the reason to cross over from cable. Tell them you already get all your favorite team's games on cable and also get instant fantasy updates on your phone. Mention that you really like the idea of watching every game, but there is no way you'll pay the full price. Stand your ground and see if after five to 10 minutes the salesperson lowers the price a little or throws in something extra of value. Remember, a sale lower than retail is still better than no sale.

While on the phone, bring up the competitiors to create a bidding war. DISH Network offers a similar NFL premium package. Inform the salesperson at DirectTV that you think you're going to go with DISH Network. He or she will try to convince you otherwise and list all their benefits. Do not budge; tell them that you are still going to go with DISH Network. They may swing the deal in your favor at the last moment.

If you don't swing a deal the first time around, call DirectTV over and over again. What one salesperson may not do, another one might. Perseverance always pays off if you are consistent and truly dedicated to landing a good deal on NFL Sunday Ticket.

Inform the salesperson that your local restaurant/bar already carries NFL Sunday Ticket but you would rather stay home and watch the games. However, the price is way too high for you to ever make the switch. You'll have the salesperson by the tip of your finger. They know you're content to continue watching it at the bar, but will make another sale if they lower the price a little. Keep hagling until you get what you want.

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