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Can I Naturally Lift Sagging Breasts?

By Judy Fisk

While many women opt for breast surgery -- or mastopexy -- to lift their sagging breasts, others search for more natural solutions. For those who can't or won't take the surgical route, wearing a properly fitting bra is the only natural way to get a tighter and more lifted look.

Breast Ptosis

Breast sagging -- or breast ptosis -- often occurs after pregnancy or significant weight loss when breast tissue and supporting ligaments have stretched. In some cases, the aging process is to blame because aging skin tends to lose its elasticity. There are other culprits as well such as smoking, which -- like aging i-- makes the skin less elastic and therefore increases your susceptibility to sagging.

A Good Bra

There is no evidence that "all-natural" breast-firming creams, lotions or pills can tighten stretched breast tissue or loose ligaments, and no amount of pushups will boost your bosom because your breasts don't contain muscle. Your only "natural" option is to wear a well-fitting and supportive bra. Even an excellent bra won't lift your breasts permanently, but wearing one can give your chest a more lifted appearance. Find a professional fitter and purchase a bra that features a wide band, an uplifting underwire and strong fabric. Bras stretch over time, so replace bras every six to nine months to maintain a snug and fully supportive fit.

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