What Is Muscular Endurance?

By Rogue Parrish

Muscular endurance differs from flat-out strength, which is the ability to produce the strongest possible force. Muscular endurance describes your ability to repeatedly reproduce that force. For example, powerlifters performing the deadlift rely on strength, while athletes like marathoners, triathletes, distance swimmers and cyclists, and soccer players rely on endurance.

Components of Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance events usually entail running, cycling or swimming at a moderate intensity for a long duration. Endurance athletes prepare with a program that ideally combines cardiovascular training with resistance and agility training. Resistance programs can include three sets of eight or more reps, with exercises chosen to mimic important movements and target major muscle groups in the sport or event of choice. Balance your workout program by reducing your aerobic workouts on days when you strength train.


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