How Much Do Treadmills Cost?

By Ellis Martin

Not all treadmills are made alike. This article briefly outlines the price ranges and features of treadmills.


A treadmill can be as affordable as $140 and as pricey as $2,300. It's important to understand the different price ranges and the features you're likely to get with each.


The cheapest treadmills cost approximately $140 to $200. These treadmills are likely to be manual, meaning there's no motor to move the belt of the machine--the exerciser's stride propels the belt. These machines take more effort to use and are not suitable for jogging or running.

Low-middle end

In the low to middle range are treadmills that cost $400 to $600. These models are powered, have about four pre-set exercise programs, and can reach speeds up to 10 MPH. They have a display that shows speed, elapsed time, distance, and heart rate.

High-middle end

In the high to middle range, treadmills cost $800 to $1,400. They typically come with 15 pre-set programs, a fan to cool the user, and a larger running surface (typically 20 by 60 inches).


The most expensive treadmills offer the most feedback information and cost upwards of $2,000. They have six display screens, can reach 12 miles per hour, and inclines up to a 15 percent grade. Some even offer a chest strap for a more accurate heart rate measurement.

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