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How to Move Slate Pool Tables

By Kate Evelyn

Moving a slate pool table can be an arduous task, in large part because that thing is heavy. However, it can be done. Make sure you have several strong friends to help you, and you'll move your slate pool to its new location in no time.

Take the pockets off. They are usually not secured too tightly and will pop off with a little light prying. If they’re connected to the table with a strap, use a staple remover to detach it from the table. If you have tubing connected to the pockets to catch balls, it should come off easily without the pockets there to anchor it.

Remove the rails. The rails are the edges of the table that hold the pockets on the side and prevent the balls from rolling off and getting lost. Most rails will be bolted onto the table from underneath. Use a socket wrench to take them off.

Remove the felt from your table. Be very careful that you do not tear or stretch it or you will have to completely redo the felt on your table. Detach it at the edges of the table with a staple remover or a razor blade, depending on how it is attached. You may want to loosely roll it up unless you have the space to lay it on a flat surface.

Separate the slate and lift it. This is the hard part. Make sure your friends are nearby and your destination is ready. Find all the screws in the slate, which will probably be in the corners. Take them out and then lift up to dislodge it from the frame. Most likely your slate will be in three separate pieces. You may have to use your razor blade or a knife to cut through the glue that’s keeping them together.

Move the frame. It should seem super easy after lifting all of that slate.

Reassemble your table. To put your table back together, simply follow steps 1 through 4 in reverse. The tricky part will be balancing your table (making sure all three pieces of slate are level) and reattaching the felt perfectly. Using a rolling pin to smooth it out may help. If you have any trouble, call a professional.

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