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How to Move Gym Equipment

By Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Having a home gym is a convenience that allows you exercise without the nuisance of paying a monthly fee or using the on-site showers. Figuring out how to move all of the equipment, though, can provide a challenge. Exercise equipment is almost uniformly heavy, awkwardly shaped and notoriously difficult to disassemble. Despite this, with a bit of planning and some hard work, moving the equipment to a new residence does not have to be an ordeal.

Take stock of all of the equipment you plan to move. Make a bulleted checklist of items and all of their proprietary parts. In addition, it will save time if you label the items according to size. Identify if the item can be taken apart, moved as is or needs to be relocated by a professional moving company.

Gather all of the instruction manuals for large pieces of equipment that you have decided to disassemble yourself. Check each manual for the required tools and equipment you will need. If a piece of equipment was assembled professionally in your home, use a moving service, even if the equipment has assembly instructions.

Remove weights from all machines. Keep weights from each machine together, and label them accordingly. Secure loose cords and wires with tape or twist ties.

Start with the large pieces of equipment, breaking them down into manageable parts. This will save time and let you know which pieces the professionals should handle. Follow the instruction manuals in reverse, and keep all of the screws and bolts used to assemble it your equipment.

Pack pieces from the same machine together. Label each part with masking tape and permanent marker.

Secure loose weights with ropes or twine. They do not necessarily need to be boxed or packaged (most boxes are not strong enough to handle heavy weights). Anchor loose weights to the inside of any vehicle used to move your equipment.

For larger pieces that cannot be disassembled, hire a company that specializes in relocating gym equipment.

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