How to Move a Bowflex Ultimate Machine

By Jolie Johnson

The Bowflex Ultimate is an in-home strength-training gym that uses power rods for resistance. The system includes 310 pounds of resistance and you can upgrade it to 410 pounds. The Ultimate has an adjustable weight bench, lat tower and a leg attachment. If you want to move your Bowflex Ultimate, you first need to fold the system, and then you can move it on the built-in transport wheels.

Unhook the leg attachment cables from the rod cables. Unscrew and remove the two knobs that hold the leg attachment to the seat rail. Pull the leg attachment off the seat rail and set it aside.

Pull out the spring-lock seat pin on the side of the seat. Slide the seat forward until the bench is in a flat position. Release the lock pin into the seat adjustment hole.

Unhook the power rods from the cables. Hook the cables to the cable storage loops located on the lat tower upright bar.

Wrap the rod binding strip around the power rods to bind them together.

Lift the top edge of the long bench with one hand. With the other hand, remove the threaded knob from the seat rail.

Hold the back end of the bench with both hands and tilt it up so it is vertical to the floor. The bench will rest against the lat tower.

Kneel down and locate the thread hole at the end of the seat rail. Screw the threaded knob into this hole. This holds the bench in the vertical position.

Stand facing the power rods. Tilt the machine toward you so the platform lifts off the floor. The Bowflex Ultimate is now resting on its transport wheels. Push it to the desired location.


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