How to Mount a GoPro on a Snowboard

By Kim Nunley

Snowboarders often mount their GoPro cameras to their snowboards with the company’s flat adhesive mounts or the suction cup mount, but they’re not recommended because the flex and vibration that occurs during a ride can cause the mounts to come loose. Footage taken from a camera mounted to the board can be shaky, so GoPro suggests using their chest or helmet mounts. If you do decide to use the mounts, first wash your board thoroughly and allow it to dry completely to improve the bond of the adhesive. In addition, use a shoelace or lanyard to leash your camera to your board’s bindings in case the mounts come loose.

A More Secure Mount

The bend and flex on the board when riding makes mounting the GoPro challenging. Mounts that are designed to come off at some point will likely fall off while you’re riding. However, there are adapter mounts available from third party companies that are designed to attach to skateboards and snowboards with screws. Consider first using the adhesive mounts with a leash on rides so that you can be sure where you want to position the permanent mount on your board. When you’re ready, use a drill and drill bit to create pilot holes into the board and then use the drill to attach the adaptor to the board with the included screws.


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