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How to Mount a Bike Carrier to a Hatchback

By Bryan Schatz

Mounting a bike carrier to hatchback is an easy way to be able to carry your bicycles to the trails or on road trips. The majority of bike carriers are built to be able to attach to a car with a trunk or to a minivan or SUV with a hatchback. While some bike carriers will vary in the specific steps for mounting, there are some common techniques when it comes to hatchbacks.

Step 1

Hold the bike carrier's upper strap clips and insert them into the top edge of your hatchback door, allowing the carrier to hang from them. Adjust the straps until they are completely parallel and so that the carrier is directly in the middle of the hatchback door.

Step 2

Pull the upper straps in order to lift the rack. Do this until the rack rests above the latch of the hatchback door. If necessary, have someone hold the rack in place while you adjust the straps.

Step 3

Grab the bike carrier's lower strap clips and hook them into place at the bottom edge of the hatchback door. Pull the bottom straps until they are taut. Make sure that the frame of the carrier is positioned so that it rests against the hatchback door and windshield. Tighten and adjust the straps if the carrier is slanted or loose.

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