How to Mold a Nike Mouthguard

    Like shoulder pads or a batting helmet, mouthguards are a necessary piece of equipment in almost any sport. The American Dental Association reports that mouthguards help prevent an estimated 200,000 injuries each year. Those who choose not to wear one run a number of risks, including damaging their mouth and teeth. Perhaps most importantly, though, is the link between concussions and failure to wear a mouthguard.

  1. Fill a pot with water and place it on a stove-top. Turn on the stove's heat until the water reaches its boiling point.

  2. Lower your mouthguard into the boiling water. Allow it to remain there for at least 30 seconds. Remove the mouthguard from the pot with a pair of tongs and place it into a cold cup of water for 3-to-5 seconds.

  3. Take the mouthguard out of the water and put it in your mouth 1. Bite down for several minutes. Place mouthguard in the cup of cool water until its shape has solidified.