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Middle School Volleyball Rules

By Laura Stuart

Volleyball is played for recreation or gym class by almost every American school child. The ease of play and simple rules make it a fun game that is enjoyed everywhere.


Middle school volleyball players have to be under the age of 15. Players are generally between the ages of 12 and 14, but 14 is the maximum age for a volleyball player.

Team Size

Middle school volleyball teams are limited to at most 14-member teams, and no less than five players must be present before play starts. You must have enough players to be able to cover the court.

Game Basics

Best two-out-of-three games determines who wins middle school matches. The team that serves is generally determined by the flip of a coin. One team calls heads. One team calls tails.


During middle school volleyball games, a team can score a maximum of 15 points. When the serving team scores, they get to serve the next set. When the receiving team scores, they get to serve the next set.


In middle school volleyball, the ball is served from either the back serve line or a marked line that is approximately 2.5 feet from the serve line. Teams are limited to five serves. After the fifth consecutive serve, the other team gets to serve.


If the ball hits a part of the ceiling, such as a low-hanging light or other hazard, play stops, and the team gets to re-serve the ball.

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