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How to Get Mhsaa Umpire Certified

By Steve Silverman

Becoming a registered umpire in Michigan is not difficult, but it requires that you study the Michigan High School Athletic Association baseball rulebook and pass a test in order to get assignments to umpire games throughout the state. If you have a background in baseball and have umpired games at the youth level, you will be able to get assignments to umpire high school baseball games.

Step 1

Start umpiring at the youth baseball level. You may have children who play youth league or junior league baseball. Volunteer to umpire games to see how you like it and how you perform. If you enjoy your time on the baseball field, can make quick and accurate decisions as the game proceeds and don't get overwhelmed when you discuss plays with coaches and managers, you may be the right kind of person to umpire high school baseball in Michigan.

Step 2

Study the baseball rulebook. You have to be familiar with all the rules of the game and must be able to apply them whenever an incident happens and a situation comes up. In addition to knowing the rules of the game, you have to familiarize yourself with the ground rules at any of the high schools you may work.

Step 3

Go to a clinic sponsored by the Michigan High School Athletic Association. At that clinic, you will be taught by state certified veteran umpires who will advise you on how to apply rules and handle disputes. You can ask any questions you have on anything related to the rules, including eligible players, balk rules and uniform rules. At the end of the clinic you will be given a written test to confirm that you are familiar with the rules. After this test, you will be certified and eligible for assignments.

Step 4

Register every year to continue to get assignments to umpire high school baseball games in Michigan. You will not have to take any more written tests to be considered for assignments, although coaches that participate in games you umpire will have an opportunity to rate your performance. Umpires who perform poorly on a consistent basis and do not show improvement may not get assignments in the future.

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