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How to Meet the WWE Superstars

By braniac

I am a definite fan WWE superstars like Jeff Hardy, Kane, Triple X, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and of course HBK. They keep us entertained every week with the WWE rumors, gossip and drama, and sometimes they wrestle too! Why not meet them in person. Here are some ways easy ways to meet WWE superstars.

Make sure you are at WWE wrestling matches each time they come to your city. Stay up to date with the WWE schedule on the official webpage. Sometimes WWE tickets are available five months ahead of time. Get your tickets as soon as they are available for events like Smackdown, Royal Rumble, and Wrestle Mania.

Map out the luxurious hotels surrounding the venue where the WWE superstars will be wrestling. Superstars are accustomed to luxury considering all that money they make. So, you and your friends get on Google and map out the major hotels like Marriott or Four Seasons whatever is around the venue, and get to see WWE wrestling stars up close and personal.

If you have an organization, one especially involving kids, you may be able to get one or two of the wrestlers to visit. Contact WWE wrestling to invite the superstars to a charitable event. Superstars have an important image to maintain in their local communities and nationwide. Therefore, it is quite possible that if you contact Randy Horton to appear at a charitable event in St. Louis, that he will show up.

Find out what type of music your favorite WWE wrestling superstars listens to. It is more than likely that the wrestler and their entaroue will visit that club sometime that night. The club scene is exciting and nessecary for superstars to keep them in the pubic scene. Making unscheduled appearances is a great way to meet WWE wrestling superstars

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