How to Measure for Shot Put

By Darci Pauser

Shot put originated in the Scottish highlands and now appears as an element of most track and field games and curricula, as well as the Summer Olympics. The shot put player throws, or puts, a heavy metallic ball, or shot, into a playing area ahead. Shot put measurements indicate how far the player throws the shot rather than how far the shot rolls or moves following contact with the ground. The stop-board keeps the player from stepping over the circle and into the put area. Measurements go from the shot's point of contact with the ground to the stop board, which lines the perimeter of the throwing circle closest to the put area.

Locate the shot's point of contact with the ground closest to the throwing point immediately after a put.

Place the "zero" marker of the measuring tape on the edge of the point of contact closest to the throwing point. Secure in place with a small screwdriver.

Extend the measuring tape toward the throwing point and through the center of the throwing circle.

Read the measurement at the measuring tape's point of intersection with the inner edge of the stop-board.

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