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How Many Sit Ups Does it Take to Get Six Pack Abs?

By Qyou Stoval

One of the most impressive parts of the human anatomy is the abdominal region. We see a plethora of television shows, movies, and music videos with celebrities and models boasting of rock hard, wash board abs. We wonder, 'How can I get abs just like those?' We tend to think, and the media will sometimes want you to believe, that it takes many hours in the gym to get you those Miami Beach Abs. But with a few changes in lifestyle and exercise, you will be cleaning clothes off your abs in no time.

The Myth

Many people are looking for the magic number of sit ups to get the best abs. Believe it or not, it does not require 300 to 500 crunches a day to get celebrity, wash-board abs. Actually, there is a main element that people miss about the abdominal muscles: Diet. The abdominals are muscle. Truly a good intake of protein and exercise will indeed define and in most cases grow this muscle. If your diet is poor, or improper, those beautiful abs waiting to present themselves to the world will always be upstaged by the layer of fat surrounding it. The solution: Change your diet. The first goal to great abs is to remove the layer of fat surrounding the abs so they can be seen. Vince Delmonte, as well as other fitness experts, have strict regiments to do this. Unfortunately, you can not continue to eat cheeseburgers and fries and think 100 sit ups a day will eventually shed light on those abs. Sodas, beer, and junk foods are all contributing factors to hiding your abdominals. High-fructose corn syrup is another culprit that causes fat to surround around this area because it is such a complex sugar that the body has to put extra effort into digesting it, and most of it gets stored as fat, especially around the stomach. High-fructose corn syrup is typically found in sodas and processed juices; check labels carefully, because it is likely an ingredient in your favorite junk foods. It is okay to eat protein foods, but also make sure you ingest lots of vegetables and fruits as well. Based on your body type you may want to stay away from excessive carbs as well (breads, pastas, etc). It is always suggested to consult a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer to create a program specific to your body type and needs in regards to nutrition and exercise.

The Cure

Once you've tackled your diet, exercise will show those abs in no time. So how many sit ups will it take to get those dynamite abs? If you have already begun an exercise regime, stick to core exercises, such as dead lifts, squats, and other compound exercises, where the abs are already being worked. With these exercises, if you are able to do two sets of 6 to 8 weighted sit ups, you can expect results. Remember, however, that Rome was not built in a day; nor are rock-hard abs. For those who want bragging rights about spending a lot of time in the gym, feel free to do approximately four sets of 25 sit ups.

Focus on Form

When doing sit ups, form is crucial. Find a weight or a partner to hold your legs down. Also, do your sit ups both straight and from both sides to work the obliques as well. In addition to sit ups make sure you do some form of cardio in your exercise routine as well. Remember, in addition to building muscle and making them hard (the sit ups are serving this purpose), you also want to burn the fat surrounding the muscles. Cardiovascular exercises like running, dancing, and swimming will allow you to burn the necessary calories for this to happen.

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