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How to Make Yard Games

By Matthew Fortuna

A favorite at any graduation party or family reunion, yard games are an easy way to provide some family fun at summer parties. Using supplies most people have in their garage, or can be bought cheaply at stores, yard games can kindle some friendly competition for the whole family---young and old.

Yard Games

For most yard games, clear a space on your front or back lawn. Most games require a least 15 or 20 feet for competing.

For tossing games, set up two goals in a straight line about 20 feet from each other. The goals can be small hoops (such as Hula Hoops) or poles or sticks stuck into the ground. For a more difficult game, use a wood box with an open top and a small cylinder in the middle.

With two players at each goal, one from each of two teams, find something to throw at the goals. Depending on your goal, you can use Frisbees, horseshoes, washers, small bean bags or lawn darts.

Take turns alternating throws until points are scored by throwing the ball in or near the goal (depending on your variation).

For horseshoes, use a pole, and throw the horseshoe as close as you can. For Frisbee golf or law darts, try to get the Frisbee or dart inside of a hoop.

With washers or bean bags, try to get the object inside of the hole in the opened box or inside the cylinder for more points.

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