How to Make a WWE Entrance Stage

By Noah Christman

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the evolution of the classic World Wrestling Federation, is beloved for its cast of characters. Covering a multitude of cultures, costumes, and personae, the stars of the WWE are beloved by their fans. To get the crowd pumped up, they often enter the arena through an elaborate entrance stage accompanied by energizing music. You can make a version of a WWE entrance stage at home using common household products and a few other items.

Step 1

Construct a 4-foot by 8-foot rectangle with the 2-inch by 4-inch boards and place the remaining 32-inch board in the middle of the rectangle to create a frame for the stage. Use a drill and wood screws to affix the boards together. Add wood glue to the tops of the boards and lay the plywood board on top. Let the platform dry, then use the drill and wood screws to attach the plywood to the frame. This raised platform will emphasize your height to your opponent before you enter the ring.

Step 2

Angle the 4-foot by 4-foot plywood board from the platform to the ground to create a ramp. Affix the board to the platform by drilling wood screws through the ramp and diagonally through the frame of the platform.

Step 3

Assemble your camping tent and place it on top of the plywood platform. If given permission by your parents or whomever is the owner of the tent, you can use spray paint to color the tent fabric to your liking. If your WWE wrestler is straight-laced and militaristic, you might paint the tent in camouflage colors. If your wrestler is from the inner-city you might paint it with graffiti.

Step 4

Arrange the flashlights around the base of the plywood platform, facing upward. These will light the sides of the platform and tent, giving the illusion of spotlights.

Step 5

Layer the Christmas lights over the exit to the tent so that walking through the tent and down the ramp allows you to strut through a shimmering curtain of light.

Step 6

Position the fog machine, out of sight, within the tent or just behind it. The fog machine will create a dense fog that adds a sense of mystery to your entrance.

Step 7

Set up a boombox with your entrance song. Your entrance song should be something that can get the crowd and yourself pumped up.

Step 8

Plug everything in to a series of extension cords. When it is time to make your entrance, turn the lights, fog, and music on and strut your way to the ring in style.


About the Author

Noah Christman is a planner and urban designer living and working in Northern California. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in city and regional planning from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, he has been working in the fields of architecture, planning and community design, public policy and marketing/branding.

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