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How to Make Weights Out of PVC Pipe

By Kirk Maltbee

Gym memberships can be expensive and so is the equipment many use to fill out their home gyms. While there's an inherent safety factor to consider, making your own fitness gear from scratch is an option, with homemade weights being a fairly simple task that can provide an exhaustive resistance workout. Weights made from PVC are a popular alternative to the barbells, dumbbells and hand weights found in many commercial health clubs and can give much the same workout.

Saw the PVC lengths according to the length and quantity desired. Typical barbell lengths are around five feet in length. Cutting more than one can give you a set of varying weight, dependent on the material you use to fill the tubes.

Apply the PVC bonding cement to one end of the piping and attach an end cap. Mix the concrete in a small bucket according to the directions on the package. Use the trowel to shovel the mix into the PVC pipe, stopping once the bar is a quarter full. Insert a pre-cut piece of rebar into the pipe.

Continue filling the PVC pipe with the Quikcrete until the pipe if full. Apply the bond on the top end and attach the end cap. Allow to set for a few minutes before sanding the pipe surface, which textures the surface and allows for a better grip.

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