How to Make Skateboard Trucks Not Go One-Sided

By Matthew Cote

A lop-sided skateboard isn't just annoying--it's dangerous. When a skateboard runs off to one side, it usually means that your bushings, or the polyurethane disks that sandwich the truck, are unevenly pinched. To prevent any possible accidents or injuries, it's important to know how to re-align your skateboard so it rolls in a straight line.

Loosen the kingpin (the large bolt in the center of the truck) until the trucks are loose enough to rock back and forth under decent pressure.

Stand on the skateboard and rock your weight as if you were turning left and right. Continue rocking until you notice the bushings have softened, and the trucks themselves feel looser.

Flip the board back over, and adjust the kingpins to your desired tightness. Test the board out until you find the perfect setting.


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