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How to Make a Tent Spray Mister

By Nichole Liandi

Tent spray misters, also known as misting tents, are common features at many hot athletic events like road races or triathlons, where they allow athletes to cool down post-event. They can also be used for a variety of other outdoor events, like picnics or concerts. The misting tent is usually a simple open-sided canopy tent with a misting hose around the perimeter that emits a mist of water into the tent. It's easy to make your own misting tent from readily available materials.

Select a flat, well-drained piece of ground. Hard surfaces like pavement will prevent the area beneath the tent from becoming muddy over time. You will want the canopy to be near a water faucet or hose extension.

Set up the canopy tent. Don't extend the canopy to the full height yet -- it will be easier to set up the hose if the canopy is a bit lower.

Start at one corner, take the terminal end of the misting hose, and place it against the support struts that support the side of the canopy. Rotate the hose so that the misting holes face into the tent and upwards. Wrap the hose around the interior of the canopy, securing it to the struts with cable ties every 8 to 12 inches.

When you've completed the circuit of the tent's interior, extend the legs of the canopy to the height you desire, then run the hose down one of the support legs, securing it with zip ties.

Attach the end of the misting hose to the faucet. Turn on the water and adjust the pressure of the water to regulate how much mist you produce.

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