How to Make a Swing Plane Trainer

By Scott Christ

The swing plane is one of the most important components of the golf swing, says Golf Tips Magazine. Your swing plane has a direct impact on how straight, high and far you can hit the ball. There are a variety of expensive swing plane trainers on the market; however, you can make a swing plane trainer yourself in just minutes by using a few inexpensive golf training sticks.

Step 1

Purchase your alignment sticks. You can buy a set of four for around $25 online.

Step 2

Find a spot in your backyard or at the driving range to set up your swing plane trainer.

Step 3

Set up the first alignment rod. Place a ball on the ground, and stick the first alignment rod into the ground at a 45-degree angle. When you are setting up as if you are hitting the ball, the first rod should be inside the ball and pointing toward you.

Step 4

Set up the second alignment rod. Stick the second alignment rod into the ground on the outside of the golf ball so it is directly parallel to the first rod. Leave about 4 inches of space between each rod. Again, the ends of both rods that are in the air should point toward you while you are set up over the golf ball.

Step 5

Get in your normal setup position to the golf ball. You should be able to set up comfortably so your club rests directly between the rods. Your alignment rods should be on either side of the golf ball at a 45-degree angle facing toward your waist. If the rods stick out too far so they block you from setting up comfortably, adjust them by driving them into the ground a few more inches.

Step 6

Place the next two rods into the ground. Measure and mark a spot that is 18 inches behind the ball and 4 inches toward you when you are in your setup position. Place the third alignment rod into the ground at the same 45-degree angle as the first two rods, facing toward you. Make sure the rod sticks up no higher than waist height. Place the fourth rod into the ground 6 inches across from the third rod so the fourth rod is closer to you. Again, it should be parallel to the third rod and no higher than your waist.

Step 7

Set up to the ball, and swing away. Swinging between the alignment rods teaches you to swing on the proper swing plane. If you come "over the top" on the downswing you will hit one of the outside rods, and if you swing too far inside you will hit one of the inside rods.

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