How to Make a Softball League Schedule

By Christopher Rosenbaum

Someone in every softball league must do the thankless task of creating the schedule. With the right amount of coordination and planning, making a softball league schedule can become less daunting. Even though the number of teams and site locations may change from year to year, how the schedule is made does not change. Using a computer's spreadsheet program can make schedules easier to read and more convenient to distribute.

Schedule Formatting

Open spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Calc. offers free software and can be found in the Resources section.

Make five columns. Give each column a title, such as "Date," "Time," "Site," "Host Team" and "Visiting Team," from left to right.

Make the column titles unique to set them apart from the rest of the schedule. Some ways to do this include using bold-face or italicized text, all capital letters, or different colored text.

Schedule Information

Formulate how many games the team will play during the season. This will determine how many spaces on the spreadsheet are needed to list the game dates. Recreational youth players typically play two or three times a week, while adult players generally play one night a week so as not to interfere with their work and family obligations.

Enter the dates of each softball game in the "Date" column. Make sure to note games that fall on holidays, as some leagues like playing on these days, while others avoid them.

Enter the times each softball game will be played in the "Time" column. When playing evening games at fields without lights, schedule a starting time that allows approximately 2 to 3 hours for the game to be completed before darkness.

Enter where each game will be played in the "Site" column, distinguishing different fields at the same geographic location with numbers or letters. For example: Field 1, Field 2, etc.

Enter the opposing teams' names in the "Host Team" and "Visiting Team" columns.

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