How to Make Signs in Sports

By Amy Davidson

Making signs for sporting events is one way to show support for your favorite teams. You can make signs easily for the next big game with just a few considerations. Another bonus when making signs is that you can add your own personal wording and style to showcase team pride. Learning some of the considerations to take when making signs for sports games can help make your next game a blast.

Check with the venue in which the game will be displayed to find out if there are any regulations on signs. Some venues regulate how big signs can be and if there is any wording or prohibitions for what can be included on your sign, so call the venue's box office personnel to find out.

Select the colors you want for your sign. Stick with two colors so the font will stick out and the sign won't be too crowded with color. The best choice is to stick with team colors and select colors in the brightest shade that matches those team colors. For example, if the team's colors are black and gold, you might want to select a bright yellow so that it will standout against the black.

Purchase poster board in one of the colors you've selected. Stick with the size regulations your venue has, but get the biggest size possible. The point of sports signs are to be seen by many and hopefully even team players, so the bigger the better. Purchase acrylic latex paint in the other color that you have selected for your sign.

Decide on a phrase you want to paint on your sign. Keep it short and simple. You can do a player's name and their jersey number or an encouraging phrase like "Go Eagles." Too much wording on a sign will make it jumbled and harder to read, so keep it to a few choice words that pertain to the team you are supporting.

Trace your words and design in pencil first on the board. Using pencil first allows you to correct any mistakes or even change the design if you don't like it. If your board is a dark color or black, use white pencil and trace very lightly.

Paint your design on the board using a one-inch artist's brush. This is a good brush size as it can be controlled for smaller details but is large enough to paint a large area, such as a big piece of poster board. Allow paint to dry for an hour, then paint on another layer to make sure the color is as bold as possible. Allow the sign to dry for another hour.

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