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How to Make the School's Dance Team

By Contributor

Having a dance background may not be required, but it certainly will help you make your school's dance team. What you are lacking in formal training you can try to overcome with an upbeat personality. Bigger schools have varsity and junior varsity teams, and the teams may be co-ed or female-only. Expect there to be several rounds of cuts during the tryout process.

Attend the after-school workshops or other practice sessions to learn the basic skills and routine. The routine may includes several dance forms, such as hip-hop and jazz.

Present yourself as easy-to-coach and a quick learner. Practice the routine until you can do it flawlessly.

Show up to the tryout with a neat appearance and maintain good posture. Keep your hair tied back.

Generate audience appeal with energy, a smile and confidence. Making the dance team requires good showmanship. School dance team coaches look for members who are expressive in their face as well as their body.

Demonstrate maximum flexibility in high kicks and splits.

Maintain good form in toe points, control, extension and placement during the routine.

Recover quickly and maintain your poise if you make a mistake during the tryout.

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