How to Make a Race Belt

By Alice Stuart

A race belt is a way to hold your competitor number during a race. One of the best uses of a race belt is during a triathlon, as you would otherwise have to reattach the number from one leg of the race to another. With a race belt, you can attack the number once before the race starts and not have to lose time reattaching the number throughout the race. Also, using a race belt will keep you from having to put holes in your race suit. Making a race belt requires just a few minutes.

Measure your waist. Add 2 inches to that measurement. That is the length of elastic you will need. Cut your elastic.

Take your ladderlock buckle and thread one end through the gap between the two bars on the left side.

Take the other end of elastic and repeat this process on the right side of the lock. The right side of the lock will have teeth to help hold it in place.

Try on the belt to make sure it fits properly and then sew the left end of the elastic in place.

Adjust the right side of the belt, either tightening or loosening it as needed for comfort.

Attach the two safety pins to the belt. When you get to the race, you can use the safety pins to attach your race number to your race belt.

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