How to Make a Printable Stat Sheet

By Raphael Garcia

The collection and storage of statistical information is an important part of a sports team's operation. States let the organization keep track of how well particular players are performing and who is not playing well. These numbers are also used by news outlets to better describe the action from the game. Stat sheets are created to collect the information from the game as it occurs. These printable sheets are created to meet the specific demands of the sport.

Open the spreadsheet creation program, such as Microsoft Excel.

Create the statistical categories as headers across the top of the page. For example, basketball coaches will want to create categories that include points, rebounds, blocked shots, steals, assists and turnovers.

List the players names down the left-hand side of the spread sheet. The player's names can be separated according to your grouping needs.

Fill in the statistical information as the game progresses. For example, if a basketball player scores a basket, be sure to update his "points" column. Be sure to save the file often because you do not want to lose your information due to a computer malfunction.

Print out the sheets at the conclusion of the game.

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