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How to Make the Perfect Divot

By Richard Corrigan

In golf, a divot is the gouge left in the ground after your golf club strikes the ball, and the importance of a divot lies in what it tells you about your swing. Ideally, you should make a divot with every club in your bag except the driver and the putter. The divot should appear ahead of the ball, indicating that your club hit the ball before it hit the ground.

Posture and Swing

If a divot appears behind the spot where the ball was, this means that your club hit the ground first before striking the ball in an upward motion. If you are not making a divot at all when you hit the ball, you are straightening your legs or falling onto your back foot as you swing the golf club.

The key to making a perfect divot is hitting the ball with a downward motion instead of trying to lift the ball with your swing. To hit the ball with a downward strike, rest your weight on the instep of your back foot, and then shift your hips forward to transfer your weight toward the ball. Maintain this posture while you turn through the shot, and keep your knees slightly flexed. Avoid straightening your legs during the shot.

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