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How to Make Your Own Cheerleading Uniforms

By Michael Cantrell

Cheerleading is a great activity to teach young girls about teamwork. Girls not only learn how to work together, but also build long-lasting friendships with other girls on the cheerleading squad. To function well as a team, they need to represent their school or team by sporting a uniform. Uniforms can be pretty pricey, so make your own cheerleading outfits.

Use a sewing machine to sew trim along the bottom of the tennis skirt. The trim should be the school or team colors.

Pick out a solid-colored, V-neck tank top. Make sure this tank top goes with the team colors and that all the girls are wearing that color so the uniforms match. Prep the iron, and allow it to heat up.

Use the iron to apply the iron-on letters to the tank top. The letters represent the school or team and should be applied below the V shape on the front of the top.

Use a needle and matching thread to sew around each of the letters. This will ensure that the letters do not come loose from the tank top.

Lace the tennis shoes with laces that match the team colors. Since most teams use two colors, lace each shoe with one of the team colors, or use the same color for both shoes.

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