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How to Make Your Own Baseball Pitchback

By Lauren Farrelly

A baseball pitchback will allow you or your child to learn how to field grounders and anticipate the ball better. A pitchback has a tight netting system that rebounds the ball with about as much force as the ball enters the net when thrown. This device can be built with items you can pick up from your local hardware store. In total the materials should cost about $30 or so, which is about half the cost of purchasing a new pitchback built by a manufacturer.

Measure out eight pieces of PVC pipe. Cut five of them to be approximately 3 feet long, and three of them to be approximately 2 feet long. PVC pipes are hard plastic pipes that are relatively lightweight. They are very sturdy and durable, and often found in the plumbing department at hardware stores.

Lay out four 3-foot-long PVC pieces in a square on the ground. Apply glue to four of the corner joints and attach them to the PVC pipes to form four corners.

On the bottom of one side, drill two holes large enough to fit another PVC pipe. Drill the two holes approximately 6 inches in from each side.

Place plumber's glue on one side of the outer edge of the remaining two PVC joints and place them inside the holes.

Place the two 2-foot-long PVC pipes on the opposite end of the PVC joints on the bottom so they are going outward and place the top part on an angle. The pitch back should be at about a 110-degree angle from the ground leaning backwards in a leaning "L" shape.

Attach the remaining two PVC joints to the end of the 2-foot-long PVC pieces with glue and then attach the remaining 3-foot-long PVC piece in the middle.

Place four hooks on each of the four inside sides of the 3-foot-by-3-foot structure.

Measure and cut the netting so that it will fit snugly inside the 3-foot-by-3-foot structure on the inside with the hooks.

Place the netting on the hooks inside the structure, being sure to pull it tight into place.

Use the bungee cord to hold the top part of the pitchback structure in place when you are ready to use it. Hook the top railing to another structure. The cord can be used to hold the pitchback to a fence, a tree, or another outdoor structure. A bungee cord will help keep the pitchback steady and in place for continued use.

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