How to Make a Mini-bike go Faster

By Andrea Julian

The best way to make your mini-bike go faster and get the maximum performance is to have some motor work done. If you don't know about motors you need help because you're going to need to do more than just your basic swapping out spark plugs and changing your air filter. There are numerous aftermarket parts available that will make your mini-bike capable of achieving freeway speeds of 65 mph. Although it's not cheap, you can make your mini bike faster without having to spend thousands of dollars in parts.


Step 1

Do some research on where to take your mini for the service. Look for a shop that will give you a discount on having your parts installed at once. Also, make sure that all labor done by the shop as well as the price of the parts you’re having installed is included in your sale. This will save you time and money.

Step 2

Install your big bore kit. The bore and stroke kit will include an aftermarket cast cylinder, piston and head, as well as an aftermarket crankcase designed to improve horsepower by allowing more fuel and air into the motor.

Step 3

Port and polish your cylinder and cylinder heads while your motor is out and disassembled. A machinist will drill out your motor so it is smooth and clean. This allows for less restrictive air flow to go through the engine faster. The overall effect will be an engine that runs stronger, smoother and crisper.

Step 4

Replace your carburetor with an after-market, high performance carburetor. A custom aftermarket carburetor by design will enable the engine to get more air with less effort. This will improve low-end and throttle response, meaning more horsepower with greater acceleration.

Step 5

Grab your helmet and take your bike out for a test ride to make sure everything is working properly. Start off slow to get used to your bike before opening the throttle to see what it can do.

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